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Clueless into Kabul

America’s apparent success in Afghanistan is coming undone, and for good reasons: ignorance and hubris, to name two.

Will the Real Leo Strauss Please Stand Up?

Leo Strauss rarely opined on foreign policy. But when he did, his conclusions diverged from those that animated U.S. decisions in Iraq.

A Quarter Century of Broken Windows

There’s no keeping a good idea down—not that some won’t try.

A Conversation with Senator John Danforth

The former Senator, UN Ambassador and Episcopal priest talks with Walter Russell Mead about religion and politics at home and abroad.

Toolbox: Dirty Money

Eight suggestions for stopping over $1 trillion worth of ill-gotten gains from flowing annually across international borders.

Between Relativism and Fundamentalism

Neither relativism nor fundamentalism offers a basis for reasoned discourse on moral choices. We need a revitalized “protestant” middle way.

Toolbox: CEPAs

China is seizing the initiative in Asian economic diplomacy. U.S. policy should respond with CEPAs—the first one with Japan.

Deep and Wide

American Evangelicals are far more diverse than media caricatures aver.

War Stories

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, most Americans wanted to fight the terrorists and the regimes that aided them. Even before┬áthat year ended, however, some voices warned that the impulsive, reckless policies of the Bush Administration would ultimately pose more of a danger to Americans and their way of life than the terrorists and their […]

Originalist Sin

How historical periods are defined depends on the purposes of the definer. Geologists look to rock structure,┬ádemarking eras such as the Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic. Economists look to the primary source of wealth: the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, the Industrial Age and now the Information Age. Chroniclers of foreign affairs look to […]

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