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The Case for Restraint

America has been trying to do too much with too little. It’s time to do less and succeed more.

The Business We’ve Chosen

Blistering heat, IEDs and highly irregular officers: working with the Iraqi Army in Ninewa province.

Borderline Insanity

A proposal for settling the Afghan-Pakistan border dispute, and closing down a key al-Qaeda sanctuary.

Turkey’s Veiled Democracy

The AKP’s election victories are good news for Muslim liberalism.

Amateur Hour

A worm’s-eye view of what went wrong with reconstruction and development in postwar Iraq.

Meet the Kirchners

The story behind Argentina’s newest power couple.

The Hyperpresident

Nicolas Sarkozy ran on a platform of breaking with the
French status quo, and—sacrebleu!—he won.

Train of Life

The birth of Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans.”

Strategy on the Cheap

There are more ways than one to mismatch ends and means.

Rabaul and American Collectivism

Rabaul sits at the northern end of New Britain island, and is the capital of Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain Province. Physically, Rabaul looks like a South Pacific paradise. Its bay is actually the caldera of a volcano with subsidiary volcanos surrounding the water. They erupted last in 1994, destroying most of the town […]

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