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Facing Facts about Immigration

Today there is a sizeable gap between elite and non-elite opinion on immigration reform. Time to cut through the fog of fear and moralizing dividing them.

Silver Linings

This is not your grandfather’s Great Depression. It’s ours. And it will scar and mold and re-shape us in its own unique way.

The Law Adrift

The age-old scourge of piracy has come back to haunt us off the waters of Somalia. Our troubles in dealing decisively with the problem are largely of our own making.

Bringing in the Banlieues

French immigration dilemmas can no longer be denied.

Is Capitalism Moral?

The John Templeton Foundation recently asked more than a dozen leading scholars and public figures to write short essays responding to the question, “Does the free market corrode moral character?” Templeton also sponsored an event in London on this subject in early December, from which the conversation below is adapted.

Four Traps

Overcoming barriers to effective immigration reform.

A Letter From Air Force Two

Traveling with the Secretary of State can be fun (and games).

Back to Basics

Some truths about the relationship between policymaking and intelligence.

Misleading Africa

To Western development experts, Africa remains a puzzle box of failure. But it’s really no puzzle: Africa is rich; only its politics are poor.

Daschle on Health Care Reform

I recently read Tom Daschle’s new book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis” (co-authored with Jeanne M. Lambrew and Scott S. Greenberger). This book has particular relevance since he will soon be the new czar of health care reform in the Obama administration. Arguing that it would be politically infeasible for […]

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