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Beating an Orderly Retreat

From the Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2007: GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, has promised to return to Washington in September to report on the outcome of his surge strategy. I hope he will say that sectarian killings, bombings and U.S. casualties are all down. But even if he does, I […]

My Walkin’ Shoes Don’t Fit Me Anymore

There’s an old upbeat country/bluegrass song called “My Walkin’ Shoes Don’t Fit Me Anymore.” Well, that song has new meaning for me this morning, because yesterday I and a few thousand other people completed the Washington, DC 2007 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. That’s 26.3 miles on Saturday, and 13.2 miles Sunday morning. That’s more […]

Adventures in State-Building

The best historical analogy for understanding the U.S. predicament in Iraq is older—and more useful—than you might think.

Born in the USA

If demography is destiny, America’s is greater than that of any advanced nation.

Survival of the Fattest

Not all aspects of democracy are created equal, especially the effects of resource wealth on economic growth.

A Conversation With Amy Tan

Amy Tan and Dana Gioia plumb the power of storytelling within the American immigrant experience.

Raising Cane

America’s “sugar daddies” may soon meet their match.

What Do Muslims Think?

Unprecedented intellectual ferment in the Muslim world is likely to have a happier ending than many Westerners suppose.

The First Duty of Honest Men

Critics of recent Administration tactics on Korea and Iran protest too much—sometimes way too much.

Fixing Public Diplomacy

The State Department needs to do “information” better, but we should privatize the “engage and persuade” business.

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