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A New Era

Obama’s election last Tuesday marks an enormous opportunity for the United States to redefine itself, both with respect to its economic and social model, and in how it relates to the outside world. It is in this capacity for periodic reinvention that America’s greatness lies. The chief task of the president-elect is not merely to […]

When He Wins

What would it be like?

Faded Romance

How Mitteleuropa fell out of love with America.

The Business They’ve Chosen

Dispatches from a Police Transition Team in Ramadi.

New Purposes, New Plumbing

America and Europe must integrate their soft- and hard-power assets for their partnership to remain effective.

Political Resets and U.S. Leverage in Iraq

We need to target aid more strategically in Iraq to avoid past mistakes.

A Conversation with Howard Baker

Don’t label McCain, says the former Senate Majority Leader.

The World's Vote

So Barack Obama pulls 200,000 Berliners to the Victory Column, which celebrates Prussia’s victories over Danes, Austrians and French. But that—a mere 6 percent of Berlin’s population—is nothing compared to the polls telling us that nearly three-quarters of all Germans (74 percent) would cast their ballot for Obama, if they could. However bizarre in its […]

High on the Hog

Buy a Harley and ride a piece of American mythology.

The Declinists, Wrong Again

America and Europe retain decisive advantages in the contest for global affluence and influence.

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