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Democracy, Development & the Rule of Law
What’s Wrong with Public Policy Education

Most programs train students to become capable policy analysts, but with no understanding of how to implement those policies in the real world.

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Pakistani Politics
An Election That Solves Nothing

Imran Khan may be a fresh face to head Pakistan’s façade of a civilian government. But there are no signs that he will depart from the military’s dictates or change the country’s overall direction.

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Trump and the Border Crisis
Explaining the Indefensible

It is difficult to resist the temptation to rant against the ineptness and mean-spiritedness of the Trump Administration’s recent border apprehension policies. Yet the moral and ethical obtuseness on display is the product of a long and complex history.

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A View from Germany
A Taste of Kölsch

In Cologne and environs, liberal Germany finds itself (con)tested.­­

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Security Assistance
Why Cutting Military Aid to Lebanon Would Be a Mistake

U.S. security aid to Lebanon has never been politically palatable, and it’s facing new headwinds these days. But the strategic case for continuing it remains sound.

Correcting the Record
Serbs Are Not “Little Russians”

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Belgrade and Moscow are not natural allies. But Westerners who treat them as such are only driving them closer.

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Doctor’s Orders
Misdiagnosing the Opioid Crisis

Blaming doctors or pharmaceutical companies or capitalism for the opioid crisis is futile. Bad diagnoses will always generate bad solutions.

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Election Eve
Pakistan 2018: A Space Odyssey

How space aliens, donkeys, and sex scandals are hot button topics around national elections in Pakistan.

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Yellow Journalism
Only a Pawn in Their Game

Seymour Hersh’s memoir reveals not a fearless reporter but a useful idiot: a man who spent a lifetime channeling faulty intelligence in a game of intrigue he did not understand.

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Transatlantic Tribulations
Europe’s Political Stasis

Today what passes for governance in Europe is crisis management, with an admixture of wishful thinking.

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