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Religion & Politics
Evangelicalism and Its Electoral Discontents

Attempts to explain Evangelical politics face a simple but vexing question: Does Evangelicalism even exist as a unitary movement?

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The Suffocation of History

Christopher Browning’s polemical analogizing of the Trump era to the death of the Weimar Republic overlooks a similarity between the two periods that is considerably less flattering to deplorable-denouncing “democrats.”

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May's Folly
Brexit: An Unsustainable Deal

The draft EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement only prolongs the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and will almost surely be rejected by Parliament.

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Two Histories and a Future
American K-12 Education in Thrall

Despite all our 21st-century advances in education neuroscience and digital technology, our K-12 educational systems are still stuck in the 19th century.

Regional Inequalities
Fighting the Geography of Discontent

Neoliberal policy failures have played a critical role in shaping today’s regionally splintered political landscape. It’s time to revisit old economic orthodoxies and chart a sane path forward.

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Securing the Peace

How the security issue, far from being an intractable impediment, could help set the foundations of an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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Identity Crisis
Immigration and the Logic of Liberalism

A new book on immigration claims to offer an economic argument against open borders. Instead, it offers a cultural argument against modern liberalism.

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A NATO Base in Poland
Making “Fort Trump” A Reality

The President has a chance to send an unmistakable message of NATO and U.S. resolve by establishing a permanent military presence in Poland.

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American Institutions
Social Sources and Perils of the Trump Presidency

The widespread approval of Trump’s most outrageous norm-breaking behavior tells us that, even before Trump, something fundamental about those norms had changed.

Working It Out
Debunking Economic Piety

Oren Cass explains why a focus on consumption has led our economic policy astray, and how we can create a labor market that puts workers first. (A transcript from our podcast.)

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