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Public Diplomacy for the 21st Century
How to Talk with Russia

Americans once knew how to effectively communicate with Russian audiences, and they in turn wanted to engage with Western voices. What went wrong, and how can we fix it?

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A Lesson from Hungary
The Economic Origins of Populist Support

In both Hungary and the United States, the primary factor driving a resurgence in populism is not racism: it’s the economy, stupid.

Africa Policy
The Continental Congo Crisis

If the United States and its allies wish to ameliorate the current insecurity in the DRC, they must first understand how deeply interconnected its problems are with the wider geopolitics of the region.

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One Belt One Road
Dimensions, Detours, Fissures, and Fault Lines

Will Beijing’s massive infrastructure initiative boost its fortunes in Asia?

The Trouble With Optimism
Syria in the Rear-View Mirror

The fanciful belief that things can’t get any worse in the Syrian civil war is about to be tested.

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Lithuania’s Centennial and the Success of Democracy

As the American public grows weary of spreading democracy abroad, Lithuania’s centennial is a timely reminder of the positive change such efforts can bring.

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Sayre's Law
Congress: Where Politics Goes To Die

Today’s Congress is failing because it gives its members so few chances to openly debate and make meaningful decisions.

Failed State Watch
The Bygone Hope of South Sudan

As the Trump Administration imposes an arms embargo on South Sudan, it’s worth reflecting on just what went wrong in the world’s newest state—and whether any other outcome was possible in the first place.

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Chaos and Collusion
Carter Page, Useful Idiot

The demonization of Carter Page highlights the most alarming aspect of our recent domestic political turmoil—a disturbing conviction that basic standards of truth or fairness must not be allowed to deflect from the paramount objective of toppling Trump.

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Eurasian Futures
Two Belts, Two Roads

The emergence of the Indo-Pacific concept shows how our mental maps are being redrawn in Asia—with geopolitical implications that are only beginning to come into view.

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