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Putin's Plummeting Popularity
Don’t Shoot The Messenger

It’s not just that Putin’s “trust” numbers are in free fall. It’s that his most trusted pollsters appear to be in a panic about it.

Photograph by Peter-Cunningham, 2018 (Courtesy of Polk & Co.)
The Lifespan of a Fact
Checking the Fact Checkers

Can sticking to the facts obscure the truth? A recent Broadway play takes a Talmudic approach to the debate.

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Regional Integration
U.S. Strategy Towards Afghanistan And (The Rest Of) Central Asia

President Trump and his isolationist backers may think otherwise, but there is no real alternative to continued involvement.

Council of Constance
Religion and Politics
The Catholic Invention of Representative Government

Modern representative democracy is unthinkable without innovations pioneered by the medieval Catholic Church.

U.S. Navy/Liaison
The Realist Fallacy
“Liberal Hegemony” Is a Straw Man

Academic “realists” are guilty of intellectual overreach in their critique of international overreach.

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Lessons in Leadership
Chronicling Churchill

TAI’s Richard Aldous hosts Andrew Roberts for a discussion of his bestselling new biography Churchill: Walking with Destiny. (A lightly edited transcript from our podcast.)

In Memoriam
Nathan Glazer (1923-2019)

A giant has passed away.

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Gilets Jaunes
The Problem with No Name

At the heart of the unrest in France is a blackout of rational thinking—and it’s driving the country to destruction.

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Reading the Tea Leaves
What 2018 Tells Us About the Democrats’ Chances in 2020

Barring a Trump bow out or a Democratic misstep in the primary, 2020 is likely to be even worse for the GOP than 2018.

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Checking China
The Road to (Super)Power

Bruno Maçães’s new book is a masterful overview of China’s Belt and Road project—and a disturbing portrait of things to come.

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