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Mnangagwa for Mugabe
Hope Deferred for Zimbabwe

As Mugabe’s former right-hand man stands ready to succeed him, hopes for democratic change are colliding with a dire need for economic reform.

Protestant Reformation
The Revolution Was Printed

The Protestant Reformation leapt off the pages of Martin Luther’s broadsides. What pop-up notification is the internet giving today’s society?

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Sideswiping the White-Collar Crime Wave

Amidst a rising tide of corporate crime in the United States, “white collar” criminal prosecutions and convictions are at their lowest levels in decades.

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After the Pivot
The Outlines of Trump’s Asia Strategy

The President’s Asian trip sketched out a smart approach to containing North Korea, competing with China, and rebuilding trust with allies. Now comes the time to fill in the blanks.

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Let's Get Serious
Europe Revisits Common Defense, Yet Again…

But without a clear vision the effort isn’t likely to add up to anything meaningful.

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The Tribal Trump Card
The Rise of the “Westernists”

The “alt-right” shares something important with Islamists: they both owe much of their recent success to quickly grasping the fact that politics is no longer just about policies.

Lessons from Across the Pond
The Anatomy of a Homeownership Crisis

Proponents of repealing the home mortgage interest deduction often cite the United Kingdom as precedent. But the UK doesn’t have a happy story to tell.

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The State of State
Curing USAID

We need USAID to reclaim its original mission and stop trying to do everything at once. Better for the bureaucracy, and better for those it’s trying to help.

The Open Society and Its Enemies
China’s Influence Game Down Under

China’s sophisticated infiltration of Australian politics is a troubling example of how authoritarian states can subvert open societies. The United States should heed the lesson.

Schlesinger’s Vital Center

It was not “the so-called ‘middle of the road’ preferred by cautious politicians.”

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