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Democracy, Development & the Rule of Law
Social Media and Censorship

The idea that the big internet platforms are not media companies has never really been tenable, and the contradictions in their public protestations of neutrality have become ever more apparent over time.

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Electoral Reform
Ranked Choice Voting: “As Maine Goes…”

Maine’s experiment with ranked choice voting was by many standards a success. But will the nation follow its lead?

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Russian Economy Blues
Putin’s Pension Headache

For the Russian President and his team, social security reform is no walk in the park.

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Democracy, Development & the Rule of Law
Teaching Public Policy

Local context is all too often lacking in the prevailing economics-centered approach to public policy education.

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Delirium Trumpens
Some Dare Call It Treason

Trump’s Helsinki remarks impugned his judgment, not his loyalty, and the idea that disagreement with the intelligence agencies constitutes treason is profoundly disquieting.

Contagions and Control
Plucking Out the Heart

Damon Centola’s new book offers real insights into how ideas and behaviors can spread—but its implications for social control are ominous.

Ukraine's Paramilitaries
The Outlaws

I left the hotel in Odessa just as the sun setting. Well-dressed citizens were wandering under the chestnuts of Pushkin Avenue in a picture of post-communist affluence, as life-weary teenagers smoked weed under the statue of the city’s modern founder, the Duke de Richelieu. Everywhere you looked, in every vista, the blue and yellow Ukrainian […]

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Children or Job Seekers?
The Debate over Underage Migration

Three recent books delve into the tough issues posed by underage migrants—and illuminate their oft-misunderstood reasons for coming here.

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The New European Politics
Swedish Exceptionalism Hits a Wall

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are poised to strike a body blow to the country’s image as a progressive model.

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National Insecurity
The Paradox of Our Safety Addiction

How the zero risk mentality breeds a culture of anxiety and a hunger for authority.

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