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How Harvey Helps DACA

The aftermath of the hurricane will make abolishing DACA even more politically poisonous for Trump.

Political Decay
The DACA Fight and the End of Politics

The DACA chaos isn’t just about immigration. It also points to a growing disturbance within Enlightenment liberal politics.

Russia & The West
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Gas Attack

Why killing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is crucial for European security.

The Middle East
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Gulf States Rethink Their PR Wars

The Gulf States are spending millions of dollars to influence U.S. public opinion amidst the Qatar crisis, but is it worth the cost?

Israel and the World
Guterres Hits the Reset Button in Israel

The new UN Secretary-General is the friendliest that Jerusalem could realistically hope for.

After Maidan
Ukraine Is Still Its Own Worst Enemy

Kyiv’s “patronal” politics and soft authoritarianism could extinguish the promise of the Maidan, just as they did the Orange Revolution before it.

tough choices
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Affirmative Action in a Time of White Resentment

Progressives may be tempted by a Harvard law professor’s solution to the affirmative action tangle. But it would make our politics even more toxic.

The Next Economy
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The End of the Working Class

A terrible loss that shouldn’t be mourned.

New World Disorder
The Return of the “Old Normal”

Once again, as before the age of the European empires, political order has become weak in much of the world.

Unfounded Fears
The Great Global Governance Scare

The fear of “global governance” runs rampant among conservatives and libertarians, as if an unaccountable global autocracy was just around the corner. It’s not.

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Hugging the News Cycle
German Election Watch

Polls in Germany show strong support for Merkel and the status quo—but storm clouds loom beyond Sunday’s elections.

Crude Economics

The UK’s most important energy resource is on the rebound.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As Myanmar cracks down on the Rohingya and the West wags fingers, Beijing sees an opportunity.

The Ethanol Expansion

Corn ethanol may be a good fit for China, but it’s still a disastrous policy here in the United States.

Land of the Rising Gun

As North Korea’s missiles fly over Japan, the debate about Tokyo’s defense posture is heating up.

Russia and the West

NATO is alarmed about Moscow’s major military exercises with Belarus—but too much panic could play right into Russia’s hands.

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