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Intent to Deceive
The Russian Myth Machine

Russian political analysts are especially good at deception—of themselves as well as others. But why are Western experts so eager to be deceived?

Unintended Consequences
The Great Sanctions Split

Whether by mistake or design, Western sanctions have created both winners and losers in Russia, setting up an inter-elite competition that Putin may find hard to control.

Courtesy of the Hudson Institute
Against the Mafia State
Grinda’s War

Who is the Spanish prosecutor fighting the Russian mafia state?

What Philip Wrought
From Zuckerman to Zuckerberg: The Legacy of Philip Roth

How might we do the memory of the dearly departed writer justice?

William Sadler, The Battle of Waterloo via Wikimedia Commons
Eurasia Rising
America’s Pivot from the West

A new world is emerging. The collective sense in Washington—by no means limited to Trump—is that Western idealism has become unmanageable.

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Middle East Aflame
Iran’s Options in Southern Syria

Russia’s compromise proposal for Syria’s south appears to lack Iranian buy-in—and it is primarily Tehran’s calculations that will decide whether the Israel-Iran conflict spirals out of control.

Next Steps
Will Washington Support the Libyan Electoral Process?

Libya has taken a critical step toward a democratic normalcy that it has never known.

St. Lawrence, Toronto
City Life
The Champion of Little Plans

Eschewing the Big Plans of her time, Jane Jacobs believed that urban renewal began with the countless hopes and dreams of a city’s individuals.

Via Wikimedia Commons
Caucasus Calculus
A Color Revolution Russia Can Live With

Why Armenia’s Velvet Revolution has not perturbed Moscow.

Viktor Orban (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Anatomy of a Leader
The Real Viktor Orbán

Hungary’s combative leader does not fulfill all his critics’ stereotypes. But of his ambition, centralization of power, and tolerance of corruption, there can be no doubt.

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