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Character Conundrum
In Israel, the Return of the Strong, Silent Type

Benny Gantz, who finds himself within striking distance of Benjamin Netanyahu, represents the return of something Israel has not seen in quite some time: the silent general.

No Reset
The Unquiet American

Michael McFaul’s memoir throws into sharp relief the failures of America’s Russia policy.

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A Comedic Interlude
A Show Trial, and The Death of Putin

Black comedy as reality in modern Russia.

Science and Ideology
The Arrogance of Public Health Advocacy

How a lack of humility and scientific rigor have led public health activists into dubious pronouncements on an ever-expanding array of controversial issues, from gun control to gender equality to foreign policy.

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Making Government Work Again
Bureaucracy vs. Democracy

Diagnosing the bureaucratic causes of public failure, economic repression, and voter alienation.

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The Enemy Within
Cleaning Up Ukraine’s Energy Sector

The corruption of Ukraine’s energy sector only amplifies the threat from Moscow. As elections loom, here’s how Kyiv can clean up its act—and how Washington can help.

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The Lessons of Tragedy
How Woodrow Wilson Lost the Peace

One hundred years later, the Versailles settlement stands as the foremost example of world leaders drawing all the wrong lessons from tragedy.

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A Conversation with Vitaly Mansky
Witnessing Putin’s Rise

A leading Russian documentarian reflects on the events that brought Putin to power, in a new film that is part personal repentance and part cautionary tale.

The Kremlin’s Endgame
How Russia Plans to Win the “Hybrid War”

A speculative look into the Kremlin elites’ thought process in the struggle with the West.

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Crisis in Venezuela
Untangling Venezuela’s Authoritarian Web

Recognizing Guaidó as the legitimate President is a bold strategy, but in the long run the United States will need to untangle the networks of criminality and corruption propping up Maduro.

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