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The Whole Truth
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Comey’s Brain: An Insider’s Perspective

What was James Comey thinking, from his meetings with Trump to his firing to his congressional testimony? We may never know, but we can do some educated guessing.

A Conversation with Oleksandr Danylyuk
The Ukrainian Reformation

Ukraine’s Finance Minister speaks with TAI about his ambitious reform project and hopes for a self-sustaining economy. Below is an edited transcript.

The Secrets of His Success

How liberal politicians can harness populist energy, too.

A Lot of Hot Air
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Leaving Paris in the Springtime

Trump’s Paris agreement pullout isn’t the calamity the global warming chorus has made it out to be, but it does point to a big missed opportunity for the United States.

European Disunion
“Tear Down This Wall” at Thirty

A warning to a fissuring West on the anniversary of Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech.

The UK Elections
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images
Mayday in the UK

Yesterday’s election results show that the UK’s political culture is every bit as debased as America’s.

Spy vs. Spy
The Game Is Afoot

How spies, terrorists, and criminals could leverage gamified intelligence networks to wreak havoc in the 21st century.

That Vision Thing
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Losing Our Grip, from Paris to Podgorica to London

Ralph Waldo Emerson gave us “the shot heard round the world”; Donald J. Trump, the shove felt cross the planet.

The Kushner Controversy
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The Dangers of Back Channels

A note on back channel diplomacy and the Cuban missile crisis.

Whole and Free
A Post-Nationalist Europe Is Not a Globalist Europe

Simple traps American critics of the EU should avoid.

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Recent Via Meadia
Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

And it’s (almost) all Libya’s fault. It’s a bad time to be a petrostate.

Ich Spy

The hypocrisy of Germany’s outrage to NSA spying is laid bare once more.

Scientific Method

And it’s sparked an acrimonious debate amongst scientists in the process.

A Messy Divorce

A year after the referendum, the path forward on Brexit looks murkier than ever.

Death of a Generation

Environmentalists, take note.

American Balkanization

The Golden States’s self-righteous “travel ban” sets a dangerous and destructive precedent.

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