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Third Debate Recap
How Much Does Trump Care About Immigration, Really?
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  • Dale Fayda

    I don’t know how much clearer Trump could have made himself about this anti-illegal immigration policies throughout his campaign – build a wall, no amnesty, go after sanctuary cities, etc. It’s a concisely laid out 10 point plan, easily viewed on his website:

    Whether or not he’d be able to pull it off is another conversation, but a plan is definitely there and I think its outlines are well known to the general population at this point. One can argue that he didn’t dedicate enough time to it in the last debate, but to state that he doesn’t care about it is asinine. Like him or hate him, the man had campaigned relentlessly, doing a rally a day, sometimes even two, crisscrossing the country tirelessly, never backing down an inch from the Democrats or the Republican establishment types. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be working his butt off and spending tens of millions of his own money in the process.

    I can’t comment on his ultimate motivation for his presidential run, but I believe his sincerity on this issue.

  • Is this a cuckservitrix site?

    • Tom

      So, are Copyright 101 and Willing to die also you, or are they simply your sycophants?

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