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The Next Stage in the Immigration Wars
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  • M Snow

    Not sure how the author defines “mass deportations,” but the 1954 Operation Wetback under President Eisenhower seems pretty “mass” to me. There were over a million apprehensions the first year alone. Conditions during the return were brutal with many men being dropped in places far from their homes at the insistence of the Mexican government. It’s not a program I would recommend for our times, but I do favor a wall, better border security, mandatory e-verify, and immediate deportation of violent criminals and drug dealers with severe penalties if they return, i.e. Kate’s Law.

  • Nevis07

    I feel like that last paragraph sums up what most Americans either on the left of the right have been saying for some time. Me personally, I tend to side with the CIS position of significantly limiting immigration but still ultimately being pro-immigration with a reformed systems for a legal track to citizenship. Either way, as I’ve said for some time now, the longer things go on with no reforms and the longer we have an unenforced and open border policy, the more extreme the politics surrounding immigration will become. In this respect Democrats are equally responsible as Republicans are at coming to a point of recognizing what is a “sustainable” policy in today’s world.

  • vepxistqaosani

    There is no evidence that there is any dearth of “skilled workers that the upper reaches of the economy needs [sic],” though there is a dearth of such workers at salaries quarterly-earning-obsessed companies are willing to pay. But that’s not the same thing.

    We should adopt the immigration policies of Mexico — surely no one could complain about that; for one thing, it would be racist — and only accept immigrants who (a) have provably sufficient resources to ensure that neither they nor any of their dependents will ever become dependent on the government or (b) are workers who can prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they can do a job that no American can do at any price.

    Finally, note that the much-romanticized history of immigration into the United States featured millions of unskilled, low-wage, illiterate workers who came here with no expectation of ever receiving any form of charity from any source.

    We no longer have any need for such immigrants.

    • Jim__L

      Offer these immigrants a couple hundred acres of North Dakota, see if you get any takers.

  • Beauceron

    “Republicans are on the losing end of a decades-old demographic gamble”?
    What gamble? The Left used immigration as a tactic to gain a permanent majority; it became clear the population wasn’t going to subscribe to their ideas, so they simply brought in a population that would. Elements of the right, namely the Chamber of Commerce set, backed mass immigration to provide cheap labor for their big business donor class. The Republicans didn’t gamble– they sat by and watched as the Left check-mated them.

    Now the Republicans are a dead party. No conservative will ever win national office again. Period. Red states will turn purple, purple states will turn blue– and conservative Republicans will slowly but inexorably lose the House, the Senate and their majority of governorships. That is what is going to happen. This is not subject top reasoned debate. The Left has won. Period. End of.

    What’s next is the destruction of what was the US. What will be born out of it is anybody’s guess and no one should pretend they have any idea. We have never seen this before in history so there is nothing to refer to for guidance. The only societies that have had such a massive shift in demographics did so via war or colonization– and it never turned out well for the old population.The Left certainly don’t have any idea– theirs was always a strategy of destruction without any plan for the day after. “Break the system” has been their mantra for decades– and we are arriving at the tipping point– the system is broken. But when you wed the hyper-angry, supremacist identity politics embraced by the far Left over the past decades with the massive shift in demographics they engineered, it’s difficult to imagine it turning out any way but very badly.

    Republicans now have to become, in essence, old-style Democrats (as opposed to the new-style Bernie Democrats that are emerging) and try to offer the New Americans the racial spoils they demand. Even more special quotas based on race and ethnicity in employment and government contracts– and lots and lots more immigration.

    I think the Bernie v Hillary race was a fascinating glimpse into the future of American politics. In a decade or two someone occupying Hillary’s policy positions will be the Republican, while the Left, having conquered the right, will shift even further on the political spectrum into permanent Bernie territory.

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