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The Democratization of Burma
The Democratization of Burma
Goodbye Myanmar Sanctions?

Human rights activists are worried, as Obama opts for a pragmatic approach.

The Democratization of Burma
In Burma, the Military Still Looms Large

With all eyes focused on the Rohingya, we haven’t heard much about how the actual transition from military leadership to democratic governance is going in Burma.

The Democratization of Burma
Suu Kyi Kicks the Rohingya

The move toward democracy in Burma was hailed by many of the usual naive Westerners as a fairy tale.

The Democratization of Burma
Myanmar’s Bumpy Road to Democracy

The transition from the old military regime to the new elected one isn’t going so smoothly.

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Putin's Retirement Plan?

The sanctioned Russian bank VTB, a Kremlin favorite, had a critical role to play in the sale of a government oil company stake last month. Cui bono?

the grass is always greener

The GOP has spent altogether too much energy raging against the Affordable Care Act and altogether too little developing and building support for alternatives.

Law & Order

A new study estimates just how much police reduce crime rates.

Crude Economics

It’s not enough to balance supply and demand—petrostates need to contend with crude in storage, as well.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Do the defense minister’s words signify a rift within Manila’s top leadership?


Over the weekend, PEOTUS assured Britain of a speedy bilateral trade deal as soon as he’s in office. If things go well for Britain, look to some other wavering EU countries to start looking at their options.

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