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A Man After Sixty Seasons

The life of Thomas More, as cast in literary amber in both Britain and America, has remarkable appeal to diverse audiences with incommensurate passions.

R. Jay Magill, Jr.
The Muppet Man

The first full-length biography of Jim Henson is not all that it could be, but fosters new appreciation for an American creative genius.

The Accidental Ambassador

Professor William E. Dodd, FDR’s envoy to Germany from 1933 to 1937, got curiously lost in the postwar historical shuffle, despite his early warnings about rising evil in Hitler’s Berlin. His story is newly relevant, and three very different books, read together, explain why.

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Present and Unaccounted For

An untenable assertion sets the stage for a trend-spotter’s insights.

Picking Up the Pieces
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Vietnam’s Class War

Setting up an American-style university in Vietnam has got to be easier than winning a war, doesn’t it?

Picking Up the Pieces
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Colombia’s Catastrophic Success

The U.S. government’s Plan Colombia worked almost despite itself.

Picking Up the Pieces
A Dahabshiil franchise outlet in Puntland, Somalia. © Flickr user warsame90
Banking on Somalia

Somalia’s informal banking system is one of the only coherent institutions in the country—so why is U.S. policy undermining it?

Picking Up the Pieces
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Unraveling Afghanistan

Having spun an artificial Afghan state into existence, we can’t leave without it crashing into the ground.

The Ties That Used to Bind
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The MOOC Fraud

You can’t consume an education; you can only earn it.

The Ties That Used to Bind
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Beating the IRS

When the IRS takes a budgetary and political beating, the entire country ultimately feels the pain.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

If the Saudis don’t bite the bullet next month, the cartel’s relevance will fade significantly.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

An expert working on the project cautions the MTA may miss its next deadline.

Higher Ed Shake Up

New low-cost programs are carving out a critical space in the U.S. higher education system.


Hint: it isn’t pretty.

Blue Model Blues

Kicking the can down the road is turning into a hobby for PA lawmakers.

Xi who must be obeyed

The Chinese President’s new status as “core” leader will strengthen his hand, but rifts remain within the Party.

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