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Andrew A. Michta
On Europe & Security
August 12, 2014
Enough of Bad History

Eastern Europe Is Europe

Ukraine 2014 isn’t the Balkans 1914. The true historical parallels of Putinism aren’t to be found in the the Great War, but from World War II and the Cold War. The war in Ukraine is about the fundamentals of the post-Cold War order in Europe.

July 29, 2014
Crisis in Ukraine

Stopping Putin’s Irredentist Project

The West is treating the fighting in eastern Ukraine as a sui generis crisis, rather than what it is: part of Putin’s larger strategy.

July 18, 2014
Russia and Ukraine

Time to Take Sides

President Obama and Europe’s leaders must take this opportunity to explain to their publics that Ukraine’s choice of a pro-Western orientation deserves our support simply because it is in our interest.

July 1, 2014

America the Hesitant

With Europe AWOL, can the Obama Administration lead NATO on Russia policy?

June 11, 2014
Back in the Middle?

U.S. Needs New Bases in Central Europe

President Obama sounded the right notes in Warsaw last week when he reassured Central Europeans of America’s commitment to NATO. Now he needs to back that commitment by shoring up Europe’s northeast.

May 22, 2014
The Crisis in Ukraine

Europe’s Divisions

When it comes to responding to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Europe is caught between corporate interests, regional security differences, and thoroughly postmodern publics. But the United States can still help clear up the allies’ strategic confusion.

April 29, 2014
Crisis in Ukraine

Known Unknowns

A fog of uncertainty has descended on Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but there are still a few things that we do know (as well as a few things that we know we don’t know).

April 14, 2014
Back to Basics

A Strategy for Eurasia

It’s time to restore Transatlantic security relations to their central place in U.S. national security strategy.

March 24, 2014
Countering Putin

Doubling Down On NATO

The United States needs to respond to Moscow’s partition of Ukraine. Redeploying NATO forces in Eastern and Central Europe would be a good first step to a comprehensive deterrence strategy.

March 7, 2014
ruing the "reset"

The U.S.-Russia Problem: A Four-Step Recovery Program

If the United States is to push back against Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, it must set aside wishful thinking and breathless rhetoric about a new “Cold War” and get to work shoring up its neglected Transatlantic alliances.

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