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Israel vs Hamas
The Fruits of Peace

As storm clouds gather in the Middle East from Syria to Sanaa, in one place a ray of light is breaking through. Haaretz reports:

Israel imported its first fruit and vegetables from the Gaza Strip in almost eight years on Thursday, in a partial easing of an economic blockade maintained since the Islamist group Hamas seized control of the Palestinian territory.

Twenty-seven metric tons of tomatoes and five tons of eggplants were trucked across the border under an Israeli plan to bring in around 1,200 tons of produce a month. The Palestinians welcomed the move, though the scale fell short of the some 3,300 tons they said they had previously exported to Israel each month.

The Gazans haven’t exactly beaten their rockets into plowshares, but this kind of relaxation is a sign that things are going well on the security front. This can partially be read as a vote of confidence in Sisi’s ability to keep weapons out of Hamas’s hands: Israel feels more secure because Egypt has the other border closed.

Therefore it can open its borders a bit—which should act as a carrot to match the Egyptian stick. The combined message: if the Gazans can replace or sufficiently moderate the Hamas government, the fruits of peace might be attainable. And if not, both Jerusalem and Cairo have shown their willingness to act.

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  • Curious Mayhem

    Certainly a good sign, partly the fruit of Egypt’s willingness to take some responsibility for Gaza and do its best to force Hamas from power.

    Since Hamas is Sunni, it sided with the Sunnis in Syria and Iraq, cutting itself off from support from Iran. While it was supported by Turkey and Qatar for a while, it’s now supported by no one. Nice corner it painted itself into.

    No one remembers any more, but Hamas’ takeover of Gaza in 2007 was made possible by the Bush policy of prematurely pushing elections in places not ready for them. After the Gaza election of January 2007, Hamas defenestrated the PA and converted Gaza into a terrorist enclave.

    The difference now is that while Bush made a fetish of elections, he did understand the danger of political Islam. Our current Disaster-in-Chief gets not even that. And so he is trusted by no one in the region any longer.

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