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Bankrupt Health Care
Vox’s Tortured Price Control Logic
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  • qet

    All very well, but until we remove restrictions on supply, it won’t matter whether the price is transparent. Until I can go to any strip mall and get a cholesterol test, there will be no reason to imagine the price will come down to an “affordable” level. Even then, unless I can take all of my strip mall tests to an MD who will then review them with me, instead of requiring me to buy his own administered tests as a condition to receiving that service, then I am out of luck. It is a lot cheaper for me to get a bottle of wine at the package store and take it to the restaurant than to buy their wine at their prices, but they don’t allow me to do that, yet I don’t see Vox deploring that as some sort of market failure.

    • f1b0nacc1

      You have put your finger on the problem. Price transparency is ultimately irrelevant if it is not subject to meaningful competition. This means portable medical records and prohibitions against the ‘bundling’ practices of most medical providers. Serious reform of licensing (ideally almost complete deregulation) wouldn’t be a bad move either, but is likely a bridge too far at this point.
      I hope that you won’t mind me using your ‘wine’ analogy, as that strikes me as an excellent way to describe the problem…

    • Will Freismuth

      I’ve been in the restaurant biz for a long time. Most restaurants will let you carry in
      your own wine. They charge a fee called “corkage” to cover the cost of clean

      glasses and service. Then up sell desert and brandy to recover their fair share of
      your dining budget.

      • qet

        for the correction! I’ll give that a try sometime. Maybe a better example would
        be trying to carry food into my local baseball stadium.

        • Will Freismuth

          Call ahead and ask when you make your reservation. I should have said “many”. Also some of my favorites will only take cash or a
          check recently. The swipe fees on card transactions are the

  • rheddles

    This is pretty tortured logic

    Which part was logical, however tortured? And did anybody ask logic if it would prefer to be held at Gitmo?

  • FriendlyGoat

    I knew in 1982 when the company I worked for adopted self-funded health insurance (and I helped administer it for twelve more years) that price transparency was completely missing. We are 33 years down the road and the phrase, “as prudently as we possibly can” is worse than a joke. Actual price transparency is vigorously opposed by the medical community and will remain so until government absolutely forces its implementation.

    Did I mention 33 YEARS of being “prudent” with no results?

    • Josephbleau

      I agree 100%.

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