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Algerian Hostage Crisis a Consequence of Failed Policies

The hostage crisis in Algeria’s south is not yet over this morning:

By Friday morning the UK Foreign Office said that the terrorist incident in the gas facility was “ongoing”. Media reports also said that the military raid was over and the BBC said that the site was being searched to ascertain whether there were any people hiding, either hostages or their takers.

The death toll from the humanitarian invasion in Libya is still mounting, as war in Mali and now the battle in Algeria continues to bring more chaos and death across North Africa. Fortunately we don’t have a Republican president or the press would be full of recriminations, backbiting and mockery of the clueless policymakers who landed us in this mess. As it is, the press can go on admiring the competent and steady leadership of the White House while the chaos continues to spread.

We won’t go on pounding this drum forever. At the end of the day Americans, not to mention the whole civilized world, are pretty much on the same team here, and we wish our leaders nothing but success in coming to grips with this mess.

But since the death of Osama bin Laden, when the administration was prematurely congratulating itself on the virtual destruction of al-Qaeda, America’s anti-terror strategy has suffered one setback after another. The MSM wasn’t interested in following this story during the campaign, but now that the election is over and their favorite candidate is back in the White House for another four years, we think it’s time for them to take a cold hard look at what America is facing. Between the need to live up to the fine rhetoric of the “pivot to Asia” and the much more combustible situation in the Middle East, it’s time to rethink cuts to the defense budget (albeit we should accelerate efforts to trim the fat) and to rethink our approach to the conflict that some refuse to acknowledge as the global war on terror.

Because what we’ve been doing just isn’t working.

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