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So it isn't Just Us

Here at Via Meadia we’ve been tracking the problems facing young graduates entering a lousy job market without marketable skills. A BBC video report indicates that the U.S. isn’t the only place with this problem — China has it too. The past decade has seen increasing numbers of Chinese attending universities to improve their chances at a job, only to find themselves competing with a massive graduating class for a small pool of well-paying jobs.

Also familiar to American ears are the complaints about the poor quality of the education offered, which is failing to prepare Chinese students for the realities of the labor market. Says economist Liu Qian:

The current education system encourages more of the rote learning rather than critical thinking. Quantities are very important, but the quality of the education and the ability to adapt to the fast-evolving economy and the labor market is at least essential.

Is Occupy Beijing on its way?

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  • Kris

    “The current [Chinese] education system encourages more of the rote learning rather than critical thinking.”

    The solution is simple: pair up Chinese and American students.

    “Is Occupy Beijing on its way?”

    Douglas? Douglas MacArthur? Is that you?!

  • J R Yankovic

    “Is Occupy Beijing on its way?”

    We mortals can only hope and pray.

  • Jim.

    The solution in both cases is for students to *start their own businesses*. For the Chinese in a top-down command economy with a repressive and cliquish state, it’s understandable why they fail.

    Their American counterparts have no such excuse.

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