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"First" Casualties Of Global Warming

Australia’s Telegraph has a timely list of the many “first” casualties of global warming.  Virtually everything under the sun has been identified as a potential “first casualty” of climate change.  Strangely, there is never a second.

Potential candidates for the first casualty are legion.  Is it going to be the entire Australian continent? Or Tuvalu? The Maldives? What about winter (yes — the entire season will soon disappear forever)? Or a pretty darn cute white possum?

See the full list here.

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  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead,

    you have been right on with your critique of global warming, the Greens, Al Gore, etc.

    I therefore suggest you add a link to Robert Bryce’s web site on energy.

    Bryce, by the way, has written the most readable and insightful book on energy out there. It’s entitled “Power Hunger” which is must reading for anyone who wants to understand the various forms of energy.

  • Randy

    Minor correction to Kenny’s post: the book by Bryce is ‘Power Hungry’ and it is indeed excellent. Bryce in a nutshell: “A liberal who has been mugged by the laws of thermodynamics.”

    Great to see that Dr. M reads Tim Blair. Next we need to get him hooked on Iowahawk.

  • Robert

    And here’s a handy list of all things caused by global warming, complete with links to their sources:

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