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Great Game Update: China vs. India Heating Up

From The Times of India comes this report:

BEIJING: A serving Chinese military general is citing India’s capabilities in his efforts to edge the government to have more than one aircraft carrier. General Luo Yuan, a senior researcher with the Academy of Military Sciences, said China needs at least three aircraft carriers to defend its interests in the face of neighbors developing their capabilities.

“If we consider our neighbors, India will have three aircraft carriers by 2014 and Japan will have three carriers by 2014,” General Luo was quoted as saying by Beijing News. “So I think the number (for China) should not be less than three so we can defend our rights and our maritime interests effectively.”

China recently confirmed it was revamping an old Soviet ship to be its first carrier. The state media broadcast footage of its first carrier in a rare public mention of the project. The moves added to worries in the Asian region about Beijing’s military expansion and growing assertiveness on territorial issues.

There will be more stories like this.

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  • Luke Lea

    “There will be more stories like this.” For sure.

  • Jim.

    The question in my mind is, come 2038 or so, will China be offering to buy America’s last remaining carriers in return for forgiving a trillion dollars or so of our debt?

    If we try to cut Defense to balance the budget (which won’t work) and decide The Great Society as we know it is sacred, the America I hand to my children will be a ghost of the America that The Greatest Generation handed to the Baby Boomers.

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